When Everything is Going Wrong, Write

Sometimes, it feels like whatever story I’m currently working on is the only bright spot in the day. When I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions and everything is overwhelming and I feel completely worthless, that story brings me back to a place where I can focus and where I can find my purpose. It provides the best kind of escape.

Last week was rough, and this week wasn’t starting out much better. Fortunately, my writing life reached out and threw me a life preserver that I so desperately needed.

In November, I registered for the WisRWA Write Touch Conference, which is being held in April. As a promo for registering prior to December, my name went into a hat for a free night at the Milwaukee Hyatt during the conference.

Now, the conference agenda itself was enough of an incentive to register — amazing speakers, breakouts, a chance to connect with other writers, and Lisa Cron is running a four-hour intensive! Story Genius is one of the first books I was recommended when I decided to finally do something with my writing. I also registered to have a critique with an agent, which means I’ll be submitting 5 pages and a query letter by March 1. How’s that for a deadline?

Overall, I’m super pumped for this conference. And then today, this happened:

I won the November giveaway! Drawings are totally random, but I’d like to think it’s a sign that I’m on the right track. And honestly, this week I kind of need it to be a sign.

This was also a good reminder that when life is getting crazy, I need to remember to focus my energy accordingly. And in my heart, I know I need to stay focused on my writing goals. Writing brings me joy, even as it challenges me. It gives me hope for the future and it’s connecting me to others in meaningful ways. And I’ve only just begun.

So, I’m forging ahead. Deep down, even on the days I doubt myself, I know I’m on the write* path.

Learn more about the WisRWA Write Touch Conference:

*I’m sorry, I had to …. 🙂

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