Letting Go of Terrible Tuedays

Last Tuesday I was in Jamaica, relaxing with wonderful people and a Red Stripe after spending the morning climbing Konoko Falls and the evening swimming in the warm confluence of fresh and salt water beneath the stars, experiencing the magic of Glistening Waters. Last Tuesday was a good Tuesday. I wish I could say the... Continue Reading →


A Summer Gone By

My friend Natalie ran her second Boston Marathon this past April, and I was fortunate enough to take the trip with her to cheer her on and explore Boston. I'd visited once before, but only for a brief overnight in which I went to a bar with a stellar beer list where I wisely chose... Continue Reading →

312 After 26.2

On October 13, 2013, I ran my first marathon. Pounding the pavement in Chicago was quite the experience. I'll forever remember running the last mile to Fall Out Boy's "Chicago Is So Two Years Ago" (interestingly, the YouTube video I've linked to is 3:12 min. long). The song seemed so appropriate in that moment that... Continue Reading →

Beer Flight at Fremont Brewing

I visited Fremont Brewing during a September 2016 trip to Seattle. Unfortunately I didn't note the exact beers I tried that day, but I'm certain more than one was hoppy! When on the west coast.... I love the wood grain backdrop setting the scene for the smooth wood of the flight paddle. And I absolutely... Continue Reading →

Shiner Ruby Redbird

This photo is vying for the top spot as my favorite beer photo. I'm having a hard time choosing between this or a lovely photo of a beer flight that I snapped on very sunny day in Seattle. You can check that photo out here. I captured this pint at The Garage during a break... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Out My Contacts

I planned to begin my return to blogging with a piece on the dumpster fire that has been 2016 thus far, but a side-project tonight has left me a bit side-tracked. Perhaps a "year in review" would best be placed at the end of December. Instead, I give to you a piece about deleting contacts... Continue Reading →

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