About the Blog

Hello and welcome to laurapatricewriting.com.

This blog offers a snapshot of my life as a 31-year-old single girl in the Brew City as I try to figure it all out. From the struggle of living healthy while trying to enjoy all Wisconsin has to offer, to dating, to figuring out what I’m really looking for, there’s no limit to my musings.

But, above all, this blog is about BEER. Beer is all of it’s foamy, flavorful glory. A couple of years ago I started taking photos of the beer I was drinking and posting those photos to Instagram. A friend suggested that I start writing short pieces about the beer and what I was experiencing at the time I snapped the photo. It’s taken me far too long to get started, but without further ado, here we go! You can find all my beer related posts by clicking the “Beer” link on the homepage navigation bar.

Cheers! Sláinte! Prost!



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