A Summer Gone By


My friend Natalie ran her second Boston Marathon this past April, and I was fortunate enough to take the trip with her to cheer her on and explore Boston. I’d visited once before, but only for a brief overnight in which I went to a bar with a stellar beer list where I wisely chose beers with the highest ABV and then took a drunk, rainy tour of M.I.T. The whole scenario didn’t make for the best view of Boston. On this second trip to the city, however, I was able to see more and sample beer without getting crazy drunk and soaking wet. Progress.

Natalie and I popped into Harpoon Brewery’s Boston Brewery & Beer Hall for a tour and some drinks on Easter Sunday ahead of the Monday race. When we sat down at the bar after the tour, I noticed that Harpoon had a different glass for each of its beers. And I quickly became enamored with one special glass.

Harpoon’s Camp Wannamango is aptly named and its glass was aptly designed. I can’t even really explain it — maybe it’s the fact that it sort of looks like a classy glass solo cup? — but I just had to have this glass. And what good fortune we found that day. Stemless glasses were on sale! Four for $18.


I packed up my purchases for the flight home, telling myself that beer glasses could become my thing in terms of travel collectibles. Up until then I’d been collecting bookmarks. Can you guess which travels better?

When I got home and unpacked, this is what I found:


Five glasses would survive, two would not. I was especially upset that my favorite glass, the one glass I really really wanted, met it’s demise somewhere between BOS and ORD.

Lucky for me I was able to order a replacement glass online. And I got a fun long sleeve t-shirt, too!


All is well.

As for the beer itself, Camp Wannamango is a fruity, pale ale that begs to be sipped outdoors on a patio. Here in Wisconsin, it seems those days are over. We’ve descended into the 60s since the start of September, and while this is my favorite weather, it’s bittersweet to see fall swoop in so quickly after Labor Day. I’m sure we’ll see some warmer days before winter arrives, but summer is most definitely o-v-e-over.

And now I’m regretting that I didn’t get over to any of the three Camp Bar locations in and around the Milwaukee to get a hold of this brew. I frequently saw posts on Camp Bar’s Instagram featuring cans of Camp Wannamango. Fortunately, Harpoon is starting to distribute more in the midwest, so I know I’ll have another chance down the road.

For now, I’ll just drink water and smoothies out of my replacement glass, waiting patiently for next summer.


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