Shiner Ruby Redbird

This photo is vying for the top spot as my favorite beer photo. I’m having a hard time choosing between this or a lovely photo of a beer flight that I snapped on very sunny day in Seattle. You can check that photo out here.

I captured this pint at The Garage during a break from Brady Street Fest 2016. I love the lighting and positioning of the glass. Two angles of the bar meet here and the coaster was sitting right on the seam, while the mid-afternoon light filters through the open doors to the bar’s lovely outdoor patio.

After a day spend sipping on a spicy Bloody Mary from Roman Coin and binging on cheese samples from the cheese tent (two glorious lines of free cheese from vendors all over Wisconsin) hosted by Glorioso’s, I was in the mood for something light and fruity. Grapefruit is always a favorite for me. Learn more about the Shiner Ruby Redbird here.


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